Server Commands

Server Commands

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/team invite [user] - invite user to your team from within the server

/team leave - leave your current competition team

/history - display your last 5 competitions and your results

/stats - display stats from your last competition as well as your all-time stats

Travel Commands

/lobby - Travel to the Lobby World.

/creator - Travel to your Creator World.

/creator [name] - Travel to the named player’s Creator World.

/go [world] - Travel to a specific named Competition World.

Competition World Commands

/plotcreate - Create a new protected area called a plot to build inside of.

/plotadd [name] - Invite the named player to work together with you in your plot.

/plotaccept - Accept an invite to join another player’s plot.

/plotdeny - Reject an invite to join another player’s plot.

/plotfind - Travel to the location of your plot.

/plotfind [name] - Travel to the plot assigned to the named players.

Creator World Commands

/feature [id] - Place the specified build in the nearest plot.

/featureclear - Remove the build from the nearest plot.