Server Guide

Server Guide

Server Guide

Learn how to get around the Ender Minecraft server

Welcome! 🙋‍♂️ If this is your very first time reading about Ender, we recommend checking out the 🔗

page for basic information about us.

Our Minecraft server is where users build submissions for our weekly 🔗competitions . Winners receive Ender Cash, which can be spent to redeem 🔗real-world prizes! Between competitions, users can explore our space station lobby and look at recent winning builds!

Visit the 🔗

page to learn about how to get started!

Navigation Menu

  • The navigation menu lets you travel to any of the current competitions with a click.
  • You can reopen the navigation menu with your Void Pearl - just hold it and right-click!
  • You can also reopen the navigation menu by using the /go command.
  • Return to the lobby using the /lobby command.
  • Use the Ender Commands book to learn some additional helpful commands.