Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions

What is EnderCraft?

EnderCraft is a Minecraft: Java Edition creative-only server that makes creative-mode more fun, social, and collaborative. Our community of builders, artists, and creators are all about creating and sharing cool builds with friends.

How does EnderCraft make creative-mode better?

You can:

  1. Join competitions and create awesome builds with your friends to win cash prizes.
  2. Get your own creator world (coming soon), a private creative world to save and share your builds.
  3. Browse the best builds in the Gallery, our lobby that features builds chosen by our team.

How do I get access to EnderCraft?

EnderCraft is currently in private beta. Join the Discord here to get an invite to the server.

What version is EnderCraft on?

EnderCraft is a Java Edition server and runs on Version 1.19.

Who is EnderCraft for?

Minecraft players under 18 who love creating builds in Minecraft.