Server Rules

Server Rules

Help make Ender a fun and friendly place for everyone

👮 Three-Strikes Policy

Our community guidelines are important to us, and for that reason we have a three-strikes policy that we use whenever our rules are broken. If it’s determined that you’ve broken one of the server rules you’ll receive a strike, and the penalty you get will be based on the number of strikes you have:

  • 1️⃣: Warning
  • 2️⃣: One-week ban from Ender
  • 3️⃣: Permanent ban from Ender

You will be informed whenever you gain a strike due to a violation of the rules, and at our discretion we will award multiple strikes at once if a user commits an especially bad offense, so be on your best behavior!

💬 Chat and Socializing

Ender is a family-friendly, safe-for-work, PG-rated server. Basically, if there’s something you would get in trouble for saying at school or in front of your grandma, don’t say it!

These rules apply to private messages as well; it is not acceptable to be mean or disrespectful to anyone in our community, even if it happens elsewhere.

Here are some things that you should avoid:

  • Harassment, abuse, and disrespectful or offensive language
  • Hateful language related to race, gender, religion, etc.
  • Spam or other types of disruptive messages
  • Sharing personal information, either yours or someone else’s
  • Advertising other Minecraft servers

🚓 Inappropriate Behavior

We love a good competition, but sportsmanship is essential! Behavior that is designed to ruin the experience for others is not okay, so make sure that you are playing nice and treating others with respect.

Avoid doing any of the following:

  • Attempting to damage or destroy someone else’s build without permission
  • Attempting to kill another player in a non-PvP area
  • Any builds, skins or other user-created content that contains inappropriate words or symbols
  • Using a second account on Ender after being banned (also known as ban evasion)

🖥️ Cheating and Mods

It is important to us that the playing field remain fair for everyone who plays on Ender, so we do not allow the use of any unauthorized mods, cheats, or special/hacked game clients to gain an unfair advantage. We also do not allow plagiarism.

The following actions are considered cheating and are against the rules:

  • X-ray resource packs/modifications
  • Non-cosmetic software
  • Hacked clients
  • Auto-clicking (including putting weight on a key and AFKing)

👥 Duplicate Accounts

In order to ensure fairness in competitions and avoid sneaky behavior, you may only have a single Ender account. Users found to have multiple active Ender accounts may face suspensions or permanent bans.

🎁 Prize Store Rules

In addition to the above rules, the following guidelines apply to prizes available through our prize store.

🌍 All rewards:

We do not offer refunds for in-store purchases. Submit a support ticket via Discord if you have a case that you feel might be an exception to the rule.

🪙 Digital in-game Minecraft rewards:

In-game rewards like Hypixel Gold or SkyBlock Gems will only be delivered to the Minecraft account that has been linked to the purchasing Ender account. You are not allowed to have these rewards delivered to any other Minecraft accounts, even if those accounts are also yours.

👼 Genshin Impact rewards:

Provide the account ID and region of your Hoyoverse account when ordering Genshin Impact rewards.

💳 Digital gift cards (Steam, Nintendo eShop, etc.):

To make sure you receive the correct gift card for a particular store, first check to see what currency that store expects you to pay with and then buy the gift card listed with the matching currency. Example: If the Nintendo eShop wants you to pay in Euros, you should order one of the cards that lists its value in Euros as opposed to one that lists the value in U.S. Dollars or British Pounds.