Command List

Command List

Learn about all of our custom commands

Navigation Commands

/go - Open the Navigation menu (a.k.a. the Void Pearl menu).

/go [destination] - Teleport to a specific world (i.e., creative or lobby).

/go @[player] - Teleport to a specific player.

/creative - Teleport to the creative world.

/lobby - Teleport to the lobby (or to a competition if you’re signed up).

/competition - See a list of all this week’s competitions.

/competition [competition name] - Join and teleport to a competition.

/join [competition name] - Join and teleport to a competition.

Competition Commands

/go plot - Teleport to your plot in the current competition.

/info - See the current competition’s description and get a link to the full info page on

/submit - Get a link to the project submission page on

/team - Invite your friends to join your team.

/team leave - Leave your current team.

/chat [channel] - Switch to team and global chat

/chat notifications - View your notifications

/climate [climate] - Set your personal climate (i.e., downfall for rain).

/get [item] - Get special items to use in your build.

/stats - View your statistics.

/voidpearl - Use this command to get your Void Pearl back.

Other Commands

/commands - See a clickable list of all the different categories of commands.

/commands [category] - See all of the commands in a particular category.

/earnings - See the amount of Ender Cash you currently have.

/help - Get links to various resources such as our Discord server.

/skip - Skip the rest of the tutorial (usable only during the tutorial).

/suggest [suggestion] - Submit feedback to the Ender team.

/tutorial - Repeat the competition tutorial.

/speed [1-10] - Set your movement speed.