Claiming A Survival Plot

What is a plot?

A plot is a protected area of your own in the Ender Minecraft survival world. Most parts of the world can be changed by anyone, but your plot is a space exclusively controlled by you, so any buildings you construct or items you place inside of chests will be safe.

How do I make a plot?

Creating a plot is easy! Follow these steps:

  1. Find a spot where you’d like to place your plot.
  2. Open the chat box (press T) and type /claim 1, then press enter.
  3. Right-click on a block to choose the position of the first corner of your plot.
  4. Open the chat again and run the /claim 2 command.
  5. Right-click on the block that will be the opposite corner of your plot.
  6. Finally, run the /claim command to finalize the claiming process. You’re all done!


How many plots am I allowed to claim? Each player may claim a single plot at a time; if you try to claim another you’ll receive an error. See “How do I delete my plot?” below for information on how to get rid of an existing plot.
Can I make my plot wherever I want? Pretty much, yes! Your plot isn’t allowed to overlap another existing plot, so if you try to claim an area that includes the spawn area or someone else’s plot that will be rejected, but otherwise anywhere is fine!
How big or small is my plot allowed to be? Your plot is allowed to cover a flat area of up to 256 blocks, or the equivalent of an area that’s 16 blocks long and 16 blocks wide. Chat messages will let you know how big your claimed area is.
How do I delete my plot? Run the /claim delete command and your plot will be released, allowing other players to modify the area once more. This won’t delete any of the blocks that are in that area; it just removes the protections.
Can friends join my plot? As of now it’s not possible to share edit privileges with other players, so only you will be able to edit your plot, but we may add this in the future.