Suggest a Prize

Suggest a Prize

Help us fill the prize store with awesome rewards

Prize Suggestion Guidelines

tl;dr: Items in the store should be appropriate for school, easily obtainable and appealing to many different kinds of people.

Have an idea for a prize you’d love to see in our prize store? You can use the “ADD ITEM” button to submit a prize to us and a member of the Ender team can add it for you!

While we offer a wide variety of prizes and are always open to suggestions, please be aware that we have some rules for what sorts of prizes we’re willing to add. If your prize doesn’t fit these guidelines it may be rejected.


Prize suggestions should fit these criteria:

  • Prizes should be appropriate for school - no obscene content, nothing dangerous, etc. If you wouldn’t take it to school or show it to your grandma, it’s probably not allowed here.
  • Prizes should be broadly appealing, meaning they should be something lots of people want. Accessories that can only be used for one type of phone are unlikely to be added.
  • Prizes should be easily obtainable. If the prize you’re requesting is a very rare or limited item, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to get one for you, so we won’t add it to the store.
  • Gift cards should be targeted towards specific games or products. General-purpose gift cards for Amazon, Apple, Google Play, etc. are not allowed.

  • Gift cards and digital rewards for popular games (Valorant, Hypixel, Fortnite, etc.)
  • Gift cards for popular game platforms (Steam, Epic Games, Nintendo, Xbox, etc.)
  • Computer and laptop accessories (mice, keyboards, deskmats, headphones, drawing tablets)
  • Tools and supplies for creative hobbies (3D printers, electronics kits, art supplies, etc.)

  • Pairs of shoes (it’s difficult to coordinate sizes and ensure the ones you want are in stock)
  • An iPhone 8+ phone case. (a very specific prize that very few Enderians could use)
  • A book about political philosophy (a little outside of our domain; we focus on creativity)

Visit the Ender prize store to submit your suggestions!